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  CNNMoney: How this U.K. election presents a scary choice for business By @AlannaPetroff 8 minutes ago

$30 bar tab could turn into $1,000 fine

An Idaho man's $30 bar tab could turn into $1,000 and a year of jail after he called 911 a total of 12 times to complain about being overcharged for his beer.  More

The 30 best April Fools' Day gags of 2015

April Fools' Day is here, which means that businesses around the world are letting their guard down.  More

Pet Rock founder Gary Dahl dead at 78

Gary Dahl, the founder of the Pet Rock fad, died at age 78.  More

Lufthansa's insurers put aside $300 million for Germanwings crash

Lufthansa's insurance company Allianz has put aside $300 million for costs associated with the Germanwings crash.  More

This is Microsoft's 'Spartan' browser that will replace Internet Explorer

Microsoft has finally given a preview of the new Spartan browser that will replace Internet Explorer in Windows 10.  More

Amazon Dash: Never run out of toilet paper again

Amazon's new Dash button lets users program products to buy with the click of a literal button.  More

Low-wage workers plan major strike

Labor activists say tens of thousands of minimum-wage workers will go on strike April 15 in cities across the United States and abroad.  More

Judge tells Robin Williams' family to settle out of court

Judge tells Williams widow and his three adult children to try to settle their fight over his possessions outside of court.  More

The return of Tar-jay: Target is cool again

Target has recovered from the huge data breach that ht the company in 2013 -- and then some. With a new CEO at the helm, sales are up and the stock's at an all-time high.  More

Indy Star to state officials: 'Fix this now'

Indianapolis Star calls on state lawmakers to 'fix this now' after controversy erupts over 'religious freedom' law.  More

Rolling Stones tour to play Indiana July 4

Rolling Stones announce North American tour with a July 4 concert in Indianapolis.  More

Toyota's Rav4 gets cheap automatic braking

Toyota offering package of safety features including automatic braking crash avoidance option for between $300 to $500.  More

Warren Buffett: Discrimination for sexual orientation is 'wrong'

A growing number of business leaders and elected officials have publicly criticized Indiana for a religious freedom law signed last week by Gov. Mike Pence that critics say discriminates against gay people.  More

Internet activist publishes 26,000 Twitter accounts he thinks are linked to ISIS

Internet activist urges Twitter to identify and shut down ISIS-related accounts more quickly  More

Russia's Gazprom: Profits plunge 70%

Gazprom, the world's biggest gas producer, saw its net profit fall 70% in 2014 as weak ruble and the conflict in Ukraine weighted in.  More

How Hong Kong's subway turns a $2 billion annual profit

You can find one of Hong Kong's most profitable businesses about 30 meters below the earth's surface.  More

How the Surface lost $1 billion and lived to tell the tale

Microsoft's Surface is the unique PC-tablet that absolutely refuses to go away.  More

How the Surface lost $1 billion and lived to tell the tale

Microsoft's Surface is the unique PC-tablet that absolutely refuses to go away.  More

11 things you need to know about Microsoft's new Surface 3

Microsoft's Surface 3 is a cheaper, thinner and smaller version of the Surface 3 Pro.  More

How far Chinese moms will go to have U.S. babies

It's no secret -- moms will do just about anything for their kids. Some are even willing to commit visa fraud, lie to immigration officers and pay tens of thousands of dollars to shady middlemen -- as long as the payoff is a U.S. passport for their newborn.  More

You can now trade in your Android for an iPhone at Apple Stores

Apple will begin allowing customers to trade-in non-iPhone smartphones for credits towards new iPhones.  More

World's worst cities for rush hour traffic

So you thought your city had the worst rush hour traffic in the world?  More

McDonald's will test all-day breakfast

McDonald's will begin serving McMuffins and hash browns all day at certain locations in the San Diego area.  More

'Walking Dead' conquers ratings with record finale

Rick, Carl, and the rest of 'The Walking Dead' pulled in 15.8 million viewers, making it the highest rated finale for the AMC smash.  More

CFO's viral video leaves him on food stamps

Adam Smith's video berating a Chick-fil-A worker over the company's anti-gay stance cost him his job and left him unable to support his family.  More

Connecticut bans state-funded travel to Indiana

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed an executive order blocking state-funded travel to Indiana as backlash over anti-LGBT law grows.

#TIDALforALL: Musicians rally around Jay Z's new streaming music service

Musicians turn their Twitters blue for Jay Z's new streaming music service, TIDAL.  More

Americans just aren't spending

The economy is fueled by consumer spending. But consumers aren't spending that much. Uh-oh.  More

Robin Williams' wife, kids fight over his estate

Williams' wife Susan and his three children by previous marriages -- Zachary, Zelda and Cody -- will appear before a judge in Superior Court in California on Monday.  More

Elon Musk to unveil 'major new Tesla product line'

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company will develop a new lineup of products -- but not an electric car.  More

GNC boosts quality control of herbal supplements

Under pressure from the New York Attorney General, GNC will take steps to ensure that the ingredients in herbal supplements match what's on the label.  More

Popular Google search: 'Why are gas prices so low?'

Worried Americans are turning to Google for answers on the dramatic crash in oil prices.  More

Land Rover's new $200,000 SUV is most expensive ever

Land Rover unveils SVAutobiography with a price tag just under $200,000.  More

Carly Fiorina: Now a 90% chance I'll run for president in 2016

Former Hewlett-Packard chief says the odds she'll seek the Republican nomination are "higher than 90%," an increase from 50% in February.  More

This man bet $100K that there's a startup bubble

A Boston-based venture capitalist entered into a five-year bet with Y Combinator president Sam Altman. The wager? $100,000 that there is a tech bubble.  More

JetBlue blues: System outage briefly grounds flights

JetBlue says system wide outage caused brief halt to operations early Monday.  More

'Ask SeaWorld' marketing campaign backfires

#AskSeaWorld campaign aims to set the record straight on the company's animal care, but is fueling critics on Twitter.  More

Lena Dunham slammed for 'Dog or Jewish boyfriend?' quiz

Lena Dunham steps into controversy again, this time for her recent New Yorker article in which she compares her Jewish boyfriend to a dog.  More

Google strikes back at Wall Street Journal - with a laughing baby

Google is hitting back at the Wall Street Journal with GIFs.  More

Would pilotless planes make sense?

Planes can already fly themselves -- the question is when fliers will be ready to climb in.  More

Apple's Tim Cook 'deeply disappointed' in Indiana's anti-gay law

Indiana Governor Mike Pence passed a law giving businesses the right to refuse service to gay, lesbian and transgender people on religious grounds. But many big businesses have come out against the law.  More

Google and Johnson & Johnson partner up for hi-tech surgery

Johnson & Johnson makes medical devices. Google makes smart software. They want to team up to give doctors smarter surgical tools.  More

The futuristic bed that locks the door, brews coffee

Meet Luna, the tech-enabled mattress cover that just raised over $1.1 million on Indiegogo.  More

Job interview? Beat the millennial stereotype

It's time to clean up your image and follow these rules.  More

6 'Matrix' inspired illusions from Oculus' chief scientist

Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash uses 'The Matrix' to pitch virtual reality at F8, Facebook developer conference.  More

Credit card of the future could stop fraud

This credit card has a battery, chip and screen to display a dynamic CVV code. The point? Stopping fraudsters.  More

Singles pay more for car insurance

A single 20-year-old pays 21% more than a married driver the same age for car insurance.  More

Your iPhone could help lower medical bills

Doctors are hopeful that Apple's new health platforms will help people save time and money.  More

Tech's highest paid women

Silicon Valley isn't known for its diversity, but it is home to a handful of highly paid female executives.  More

Dean Smith's will gives $200 to each of his former players

About 180 players have been mailed checks for $200 with the notation 'Dinner out' as a way for the late North Carolina coach to thank his players.  More

Charney probe cost American Apparel $10 million

Filing from cash-strapped clothing retailer shows it spent $10.4 million on its internal investigation that led to founder Charney's ouster.  More

Google's new CFO and her $70 million pay package

Ruth Porat, Google's new CFO, will receive a $70 million pay package for leaving her Morgan Stanley job.  More

This Picasso painting could smash auction record

A painting by Pablo Picasso, "Les femmes d'Alger" is expected to set a new record when it goes up for auction in May.  More

Microsoft tells its contractors: You must give workers paid time off

Microsoft appears to be the first big U.S. company to require the businesses it works with to offer employees paid time off.  More

Tennessee sues FCC over Internet law, hurting one of its own cities: Chattanooga

Tennessee wants the FCC to butt out of state affairs, so it can get back to limiting the expansion of Chattanooga's city-built, super-fast Internet.  More

An iPhone for people who hate Apple

The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks just like an iPhone, but it is decidedly not an Apple smartphone.  More

Divorce settlement sparks fight between casino owners

Elaine Wynn launches political campaign to avoid being kicked off the board of the casino empire she co-founded with her ex-husband.  More

Warning signs in the housing market

Homebuilder stocks are back at 2007 levels. Are consumers and investors getting too giddy? Housing demand could slow if the Fed raises rates and mortgage rates move up as well.  More

Harry Potter tour owls 'distressed,' PETA claims

Warner Brothers, the owner of the studio tour, is reviewing how animals on the tour are treated in response to PETA's own investigation.  More

Facebook wants you to take the red pill

We are all Neo, Oculus chief scientist Michael Abrash is Morpheus, and he wants us to go to wonderland...aka the world of virtual reality.

Heinz-Kraft brand mashup: Ketchup, Mac & Cheese and Jello

Heinz-Kraft deal brings together iconic food brands including Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Jello.  More

Warren Buffett must really love mac & cheese

Heinz and Kraft are merging. It's the latest bet on American taste buds by Warren Buffett. Is the Oracle of Omaha going to try and buy even more food companies?  More

All Porsche employees get bonus

Porsche sold many expensive sports cars last year and wants to share the spoils with its 14,600 workers.  More

Hillary's action figure is ready to run

Hillary Clinton 'Ready-For-Action Figures' are a go for Brooklyn-based production studio FCTRY, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.  More

New Ford car automatically obeys speed limits

If you won't stop speeding, the S-Max will do it for you.  More

Google could soon let you pay bills in Gmail

Someday, you'll be able to pay your bills via Gmail.  More

Bill O'Reilly celebrates post-controversy ratings spike

The Fox News host told David Letterman that he has never fibbed on the air.  More

Two plane crash victims worked at auto parts maker Delphi

Parts maker Delphi confirms two of its Spanish employees were among victims of crash of Germanwings flight.  More

U.S. autoworkers have their first shot at a real raise in 10 years

United Autoworkers union seeks pay hikes for veteran workers and end to lower pay scale for more recent hires in upcoming talks with GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler.  More

The last days of Steve Jobs

A new biography on the Apple CEO sheds new light on how his colleagues and close friends processed his death.  More

Facebook gets into nostalgia business

Facebook announces a new feature that resurfaces things users posted one or more years ago on a given day.  More

You're about to get a (dud) new credit card

New credit cards are coming, and they won't even be that great. It looks like 2015 will be a bumpy road for everybody -- banks, stores and shoppers.  More

Ohio may legalize pot this year

Ohio could be come the fifth state to legalize marijuana after a ballot initiative to allow medical and recreational use receives initial approval for a November vote.  More

What $100,000 in student debt feels like

It's a choke-hold on young people starting their lives -- It means putting off getting married, having children, and buying that first home.  More

Crashed Germanwings 9525 operated by Lufthansa's budget airline

The Airbus A320 that crashed in France Tuesday with at least 148 people on board was operated by Germanwings, the budget carrier of Lufthansa.  More

Lara Logan of '60 Minutes' hospitalized again

After Lara Logan was hospitalized for the second time in a month, a '60 Minutes' spokesperson wished her a 'speedy recovery.'  More

SeaWorld says PETA 'lies' about killer whales

SeaWorld has a new ad campaign touting how it treats orcas. But is it too little to late? The 'Blackfish' documentary has hurt SeaWorld. Attendance is down and so is the stock.  More

The next city to get Google Fiber is...

Salt Lake City is the latest city to be selected to get high speed Internet via Google Fiber.  More

NFL to give live-streaming a try out this fall

The NFL will be streaming a game exclusively online this season. Could Thursday Night Football be streamed exclusively online one day?  More

5 biggest student loan mistakes

You can only afford to borrow as much as you expect to earn your first year working.  More

Comcast to take more complaints via Facebook and Twitter

Comcast is tripling its number of customer service reps dedicated to responding to customers on social media.  More

NFL drops TV blackout rule

NFL will drop rule that prevented broadcasts of games in a home market when a team did not sell out their tickets.  More

Verizon and AT&T sue government over net neutrality

The net neutrality legal fight begins. The nation's telecoms have sued the FCC to block the new rules.  More

Aston Martin unveils its future

The new CEO of the British performance car icon revealed his plans for the future at the Geneva Motor Show.  More

Rolling Stone to publish review of campus rape article April 8

Columbia University's review of Rolling Stone's disputed article about a college gang rape will be published in the magazine in early April.  More

The Ted Cruz economy: Reality-checking his talking points

The U.S. Senator from Texas has lots to say about the economy. But his points require more context.  More

Wilson buys Louisville Slugger brand

Wilson Sporting Goods is buying the Louisville Slugger brand of baseball bats for $75 million, marrying two of the leading brands in baseball.  More

360-degree videos debut on YouTube

Watch 360-degree videos on YouTube without a headset.  More

India to surpass China in economic growth

IMF chief Christine Lagarde says India's economic growth rate could soon top that of China, long the world's fastest growing economy.  More

Self driving car starts cross-country trip, but stops for lunch at In and Out Burger!

Auto parts maker Delphi launched its cross-country trip Sunday, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge and heading to midtown Manhattan, in a car that automatically drives itself.  More

Stephen King slams Maine governor over tax dis

King calls for apology from governor in tax battle  More

What bubble? Many social media stocks are losers

It's fair to worry about froth with the Nasdaq above 5,000. But don't point the finger at social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are thriving but many other social media stocks are in the dumps.  More

Brian Williams makes first public appearance since suspension

Brian Williams went back to his high school where he earned his "last degree."  More

Starbucks stops writing 'Race Together' on cups

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz still wants to have a national conversation about race. But baristas will no longer write 'Race Together' on coffee cups.  More

Steve McQueen's old motorcycle goes for $775,000

A 100-year old motorcycle owned by Steve McQueen sells for $775,000, making it one of most valuable motorcycles ever sold at auction.  More

Teen drivers: Buckle up and lower the volume, Dad's monitoring you

Parents can pre-set the car to give visual and audible warnings when teens exceed preset speeds. If teens ignore them, the system will rat them out to mom and dad.  More

Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing' machine: 6.8 million books sold

Bill O'Reilly has created a publishing juggernaut with his 'Killing' books, inspiring film adaptations and selling millions of copies.  More

Fed's profit jumps 30% to $101 billion

The Fed gave almost all of its earnings to the Treasury Department. And that amount was a record. But critics may not be happy to see the Fed's balance sheet grow even more last year as well.  More

The Guardian appoints first female editor-in-chief

Katharine Viner has been appointed editor-in-chief of The Guardian, making her the first female to have the role in the nearly 200 year history of the newspaper.  More

Just buy it? Nike stock soars to all-time high

The strong dollar may hurt Nike's sales a bit going forward, but demand remains strong in Europe and China. Investors were pleased.  More

Olive Garden's neverending comeback

Darden Restaurants, the owner of Olive Garden, is thriving under new management. Sales are up after a hedge fund took over. And the stock is at a record high.  More

Nasdaq near all-time high. Is it another bubble?

The Nasdaq is closing in on the record levels it hit on March 10, 2000. Does that mean that the market -- and tech stocks in particular -- is too risky and now due for a big fall?  More

Car seat maker Graco socked by safety regulators

Graco fined for failing to quickly alert public of car seat defects.  More

Magic Leap releases stunning holographic video

Florida startup Magic Leap is exciting, well-funded, futurist, and tough to nail down.  More

New 'Mad Max' movie more expensive than previous 3 combined

The new 'Mad Max' film is leaving Australia and cashing in on the global market.  More

'Star Wars: Battlefront' to debut this April

EA's highly anticipated "Star Wars" game will officially debut at the "Star Wars Celebration" event this April.  More

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